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Latest Test Equipment

All J Church's testing is carried out using the latest test equipment which is calibrated annually.

Installation Certificates & Minor Works Certificates

All electrical work requires testing and inspection on completion to ensure safety in use. On every electrical job J Church electrician will issue either an Installation certificate or a Minor works certificate to show that safety checks have been completed.

Periodic Inspection reports

In the domestic environment it is recommended that a periodic inspection of electrical installation is carried out at least every 10 years. This ten year interval is reduced where the electrical installation is subjected to more arduous use (i.e. in a commercial building).


The periodic inspection concentrates on the safety of the installation and highlights any issues as an installation ages.


The periodic inspection report is a suitable tool to asses the condition of the electrical instalation in a property and provide an accurate assesment of any remidial works required.

Portable Appliance Testing  The Potable Appliance Test (or PAT) ensures that electrical equipment is safe for use.  This test is essential to ensure the safety of equipment for use in commercial buildings.